School Bus Demolition Derby

School Bus Demolition Derby 1.0.1

Pit yourself against other fanatics in the arena

The School Bus Demolition Derby is here, and only one player will walk away with the champion's trophy. Take your school bus off the job and enrol in the competition, where only the toughest and most competitive drivers can survive. Pit yourself against other fanatics in the arena – it's time to show them what you've got.

Your ride is completely customisable with multiple buses to choose from and modify your bus with paint jobs to be unique to your own style. Master the game by deciding which upgrades suit your play style, whether you like to increase damage, armour, or engine speed.

Complex physics make every race an authentic driving experience, while the artistic 3d graphics enhance the experience of chasing your opponents off the track. Realistic damage simulation allows you to destroy your enemy's vehicles in style.

Use boosters to improve your chance of winning before the race even starts. Unleash the power of nitro during game play to speed past your opponents, but be careful not to hit them dead-on! Upgrade your armour to survive the inevitable collisions and bash the other vehicles off the track.

Increase your damage to ensure that your hits count, and remember, if you roll over your opponent they won't be back to overtake you any time soon! Improving your bus is key to winning the later races, but strategy is just as important. Use skill and timing and develop your racing abilities into those of a master! Multiple events await you, including day and night races, round arenas and speedways.

Your rivals will get tougher with each race of the School Bus Demolition Derby, so don't fall behind – upgrade as much as you can to give yourself the edge. To become a real pro you will have to take some time to practice at blistering speeds around the race track. Once you can handle the track itself, it's time to add in some opponents and experiment with ramming and smashing your opponents into oblivion. Only one driver will take the championship – make sure it's you.

School Bus Demolition Derby


School Bus Demolition Derby 1.0.1

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